Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you enlarge either of these images, you will see "tiny little people" walking over the top arch of the bridge. This is called the "Bridge Climb". For more information, go to:

View of Harbour Bridge from a cruise boat on Sydney Harbour.The top shot is going out in the morning past the Opera House, and the lower shot is coming home late afternoon. At present, there is maintenance work being done, hence the scaffolding that can be seen on the horizontal part of the bridge.
Photo by Kaye
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Owen Phillips said...

Love the teamwork on your blog, joining Europe and Australia... like a bridge ! The kookaburra bird is lovely, would love to see more wildlife from Australia... thanks for all these beautiful photos !

Chapa said...

Nice blog

Kaye said...

Thanks guys for your nice comments. We try to keep our blog varied and interesting if we can, and our sharing does help, as we get shots from both sides of the world.
Soon, I will try to get some new shots of Aussie wildlife and flowers.

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