Monday, 13 April 2009

Como destruir belas praias

Não é só no Algarve mas em todo o mundo - constrói-se anarquicamente nas beiras das falésias. Grande parte das agressões de cimento são feitas sem infraestruturas básicas, sem esgotos e sem qualquer análise de risco. A falésia cai destruindo a praia e danificando gravemente a natureza. O resultado está à vista
How to destroy beautiful beaches
Not only in the Algarve but throughout the world - dangerous and cahotic buildings grow on the borders of the cliffs. Most attacks are made of cement without basic infrastructure, no sewer and no risk analysis. This is a way of destroying the beach and severely damaging the nature. The result is just what we can see if we enlarge this photo.


John said...

I agree with this. By the way it is a nice image.

Jrosa said...

Thanks John - the image should be more beauty if there wasn't ruins caused by human stupidity...But this blog wants to show the value of natural landscape in our world and this is a strong image to be seen.

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