Thursday, 9 April 2009

Hawkesbury River, Sydney

Some of the Hawkesbury River's sandstone which comes in varying colours.
The Hawkesbury River in Sydney offers residents and tourists activities such as fishing, boating holidays or boat hire to explore. The bush landscape is mainly gum trees, but there is much animal activity including lizards & birds, eg. the Kookaburra awaiting food. There is also a lot of beautiful sandstone in this area.
Photo by Kaye
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Sandra Rocha said...

Gostei da textura e cor da primeira, faz lembrar as ondas do mar.

Kaye said...

I liked the texture and color of the first, is to recall the waves of the sea.
Thanks Sandra. (Above is the Google translation). You seem to be able to pick out the best and most untouched and natural pictures. I must try to do more of these with no edit.

Jrosa said...

The first photo is great but I'm curious with the funny name of the bird - kookaburra! Kooka seems "cuca" a brasilian word that means head and "burra" is donkey. By the old legend: donkey head - stupid mind. I'm asking to myself why that funny name, what's the origin?

Kaye said...

Thanks Jose.
I will copy an extract of wha I found on google:
The 'Kookaburra' is considered to be an Aboriginal word meaning 'laughing jackass'.
The kookaburra is the largest genus of the kingfisher family, with some measuring up to 20 inches long. And the fluffy bird, whose name comes from the Aboriginal word guuguubarra, also has a formidable beak, making quick prey of lizards, snakes, mice and insects.

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