Sunday, 30 August 2009

The beautiful pink Magnolia

Photo by Kaye
Click on image to enlarge
The pink Magnolia is very similar to the white Magnolia I posted a while ago, except it has a dark reddish colour stamen.


Evaldo said...

Lovely colours! Congratulations, it's a great macro!

Pinkye said...

Lovely! It's difficult to have such perfect photos with my favorite colour: PINK! Great!!!

Kaye said...

Thank you Evaldo. I do love shooting macros.

Kaye said...

Thanks Pinkye, my favourite colour is also pink.
Many of my clothes are also pink.
Do you have blue eyes !! I do, and I think pink matches blue eyes and fair/blonde hair.
Perhaps this is why I enjoy so much my floral photography...

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