Thursday, 4 June 2009

We want lunch!

Estes pequenos seres nasceram e crescem numa rua extremamente ruidosa e movimentada. São pormenores que a natureza nos oferece e que fazem pensar que vale sempre a pena lutar por melhores condições de vida, por deixar às gerações futuras um planeta o menos estragado possível. A esperança renasce em pequenos pormenores como este. Temos é sempre que OLHAR o mundo que nos rodeia.

These young birds were born in a very noisy and busy street. This is not what nature should offer them. We should not leave these problems to future generations and should now (not later) work towards offering them a more natural life in the wild. We do not want a world where these birds/animals will become extinct due to our negligence. Whilst we have these beautiful animals and birds in the world, we will gain so much pleasure and enjoyment from them, so we must be careful.


Pinkye said...

Wonderful nest of swallows! It's a magic shot! Great!

Jrosa said...

Thank you Pinkye. This photo is near my home and I'm so sorry for not having done the photo when the swallows were smaller...Our eyes are not working so well everyday as we wish to find beauty all around us.

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