Tuesday, 23 June 2009

More scenes from Fagan Park

Photo by Kaye
Click on image to enlarge


Comella said...

Interesants fotograies.

Kaye said...

Thank you Comella - it is a very interesting park.

Pinkye said...

You are doing so much work for your countries! Every photo you post we wish to go there! Congratulations to you, Kaye and Jose, and thank you for the knowledge you are giving to our eyes!

Jrosa said...

Thank you very much! In the name of our little team I recognize: this is the best comment of all time. Words like these give us great wishes of finding, allways, the best photo possible. My mind is greatfull to you!

Kaye said...

I also thank you Pinkye for your beautiful comment. I completely agree with Jose's comments.
It is words like yours Pinkye that really make me thoroughly enjoy the art of photography. Thank you so much.

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