Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Some Sydney City views - Darling Harbour (a big tourist attraction)


Tyson Trepidation said...

These are some great photos! I like them a lot, the first seems like there is a little bit of overexposure in the buildings but it still looks grand. I was wondering where you take your readings from when shooting with both the water and the sky?

Kaye said...

Thank you very much Tyson for your comments.
I Shot these shots with my Olympus FE-370 Point & Shoot which has some manual settings.
I tried to expose for the bright sky and set my exposure to -0.7, but the sun was so bright on the buildings. I did do a little photoshop amendments on this one.

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Dan said...

I like the Darling Harbour picture very much.

Departing Sydney

Kaye said...

Thanks Dan,
Do you have any shots that I can view of yours?
I am also from Sydney.

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