Friday, 20 February 2009

Shots taken through glass fish bowl.

These are shots I took as a suggested theme by Proud Photography of taking photos through glass or something transparent to find different outcomes.

I am looking into/through a small fish bowl containing a Siamese Fighting Fish. I did not really expect the result that I got.My Siamese Fighting Fish turned into a Siamese TWIN.The first shot is up the correct way. The second shot is turned anti-clockwise to the side (which means the fish bowl would be on its side - but I thought it looked better this way!). The third at bottom is up the correct way.You will see the water level mark in the bowl. I took the shots when the fish was at the surface, hence his reflection/refraction came out on the innerside of the glass above him as the bowl was not full. The tourquoise colour is an oval plate standing behind the fish bowl.
Photo by Kaye
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Jrosa said...

Congratulations Kaye! This is the real idea of an amazing photo!!

Emanuel Azevedo said...

Lindo trabalho que está aqui apresentado neste blog. Parabéns e um forte abraço de Angra do Heroísmo.

Kaye said...

Thank you Emanuel, I am trying to practice differenttypes of photography whilst learning CS2.

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