Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Kaye & José - Amazing Photos

Brief profile on Kaye & José

Kaye lives in Australia and José lives in Portugal. They have never met personally. They developed a friendship on the internet through a site called Whatatop; purely as amateur/beginner photographers. They both thoroughly enjoy their photography and try to capture beautiful and different images that will please viewers, especially those who enjoy photography and art.

Many of their photographs achieved rather high ratings on the Whatatop site. These ratings were voted upon by the Users and visitors who visited this site. It is believed that due to the high ratings of their photos, that the abovementioned site removed their top photos without any notice, which has lead people to believe that the above site is not really trustworthy and can be unfair.

Kaye & José have therefore decided to make a blog to show their photos openly and freely for the enjoyment of viewers. “Freedom” is a very important component in the field of photography and art, which allows people to show their own creativity. Without personal creativity, there would be no fine art or photography in the world for people to enjoy.


Jason said...

Eu, said...

Os meus PARABÉNS!!
Está um trabalho fora de série, especialmente para quem tem como um dos sonhos a concretizar o visitar a ANZ!!
Hei-de conseguir, enquanto tal não acontece obrigada, Kay e Zé, por me darem cheiros de lá...
Continuem o vosso trabalho de preservação do nosso maravilhoso mundo.
Um abraço, Dina Magalhães

Kaye said...

Thank you both for your nice comments. We enjoy our photography and our beautiful world makes this possible.

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